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Small Business Ideas For Sri Lankans

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Tired of working for someone else?
Want to be your Own Boss?
Here is The path for your Own Business Idea!!!

 Here are some Small Business Ideas that will work. Also you can try these as a part time job. But remember... Hard Working is the path to success.

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Cooking fast foods/ cake making

Are you good at cooking? Making small stall of fast foods. Use your creativity of doing it different attractive way. 


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It will attract more people and also make  big difference from normal food stalls. Make any food item you like and use some creativity for it.

Also if you are good at cake making.. its a good chance of growing a business.. cake is something that always having a good demand for taste and creativity. If you good at making artistic icing cakes its your chance. Make a facebook page for your  business. promote your cakes. 

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Clothing Shop

Clothing shop is another good business Idea. but will have a bit larger initial cost. you need a small stall in a appropriate place. And easiest way to finding garmets is pettah.
Or else you can search for factory rejected garments for very cheap price from garment factories directly.  
Clothing Shop is another good Business Idea but will have a bit larger initial cost. You need a small stall in a appropriate place. And easiest way to finding garments is Pettah.
Or else you can search for  Factory rejected garments for very cheap price from garments directly.

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 Import/Export Business

             Food and Beverage

Thinking about an Import/export business? Good idea! there are lot of opportunities in export industry. Starting from flowers, coconut products, rubber products, beverages, spices also garments. Sri Lanka has export development board where you can collect informations about export business ideas and also they conduct seminars for newbies and help to find customers. you can visit their web site here.

Talking about Imports. You can start small on-line store for small items such as mobile phone accessories or ladies jewelry items. you can import these items via E bay of alibaba/aliexpress sites directly by paying via paypal.
If you are willing to do large scale do a business registration and start your business. but before that please be aware of customs import duty rates for the commercial goods you are willing to import.  Thinking about an Import/Export business? Good idea! there is lot of opportunities in export industry. starting from flowers coconut products, garments, rubber products beverages spices and many more in sri lanka. and also Sri Lanka export development board is organizing many courses and seminars for new exporters and they help to find buyers for your products. you can visit their site here

       Spices and Allied Products

On-line Jobs

Image result for online jobThis is another way for making money. freelancing is another job category you can do at home. All you need is a Internet connection and a computer. Plus knowledge of what you are doing.If you are interested in selling your skills such as graphic designing, coding, article writing etc.. there are many
freelancing sites such as Upwork, fiverr and many more.
Or else you can sell goods at online marketplaces such as Ebay, Aliexpress, Amezon etc. 

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These are some few Ideas work for you:
  • Jewelry designer
  • Catering
  • Day care service
  • Event Organizing
  • Land Escaping
  • Plantation


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